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Every student dreams about getting a scholarship. Receiving a scholarship not only allows you to worry less about your finances but also to focus most of your attention to your studies and future career. However, the application process for it can be a big struggle. It is very hard to find suitable scholarships and figure out the exact process for it. Our scholarship service will make things less complicated, so pay close attention as we guide you through it step by step!

What scholarships are available?

This article focuses on how to apply for the CSC government scholarship. The CSC government scholarship is available for degree programs (Bachelor, Master, PhD) for the September intake of each year. The application must be ready and submitted until end of January for each year.

This scholarship funds your tuition fees, your student dorm and provides a monthly stipend of up to 3,000 rmb (about $450 USD). So even if you study at a university with low tuition fees, you probably end up saving at least $27,000 USD for an average study time of three years. Naturally the awarding institutions want to make sure that only the best of the best receive this kind of support. Therefore CSC scholarships are highly competitive. The first step is therefore to find out if you are eligible for our scholarship service.

1. Am I eligible for a scholarship?

If you are planing to apply for a degree program (Bachelor, Master, PhD) for the September intake we might be able to help you apply. Scholarships are highly competitive, we can only help top students with a GPA of 3,3 on a 4 point scale (80 point GPA on a 100 point scale) or above to get a scholarship. It is acceptable that your GPA is slightly lower if your university ranks very high in a reliable world ranking. Reliable world rankings include QS rankings and the times higher education rankings. If you meet this first basic requirement you can proceed to the next step, the application. In order to increase your chances, it is important to apply as early as possible!

If you don’t have a GPA of 3,3 or higher make sure to read the article below:


2. How do I apply?

You apply as anyone else would through our platform, just follow these instructions here. In order to increase your chances of admission, please choose three programs from our database to apply for. Once you finished your application send us an email with your application reference number to and let us know that you would like to apply on the basis of a scholarship. We will then review your application, if we think you have a decent chance on receiving a scholarship we will proceed and guide you through the next step the payment.


In order for us to evaluate your chances as accurately as possible, please make sure to provide all required documents and prepare your online application in a professional manner. In order to do so these links below serve as a guide line you should follow:

3. How much does this service cost?

Once we evaluated your application and think that you have a decent chance to get a scholarship, we can proceed to the payment of the application fees. We charge a fixed amount of $290 USD (not refundable) to cover the application fees to apply for up to three programs as well as the time we invest to apply. The payment instructions can be found here, make sure to send a receipt of payment to


Please note:

  • If the application fees exceed $290 USD, we will have to charge for the additional costs.
  • The application fee is not a service fee charged by us, it is a fee charged by the university to process your application (find out more here).
  • We will only charge the success-based service fee of $500 USD if we successfully manage to arrange a scholarship for you.


This is a limited offer and the success-based service fee will increase soon, so make sure to apply as quickly as possible!

4. Required Documents

  • Passport/Visa Style Photo
  • Certificates of Highest Education (Notarized Copy)
  • Transcripts of Highest Education (Notarized Copy)
  • Study Plan
  • Physical Examination Record for Foreigner



5. What happens then?

Once the application fees are paid we get the process started. Each process is quite individual and depends on where you are from and what program and university you apply for. We might need you to provide some information and documents to your local Chinese embassy in your country and this may require you to visit the embassy in person. Please note that we can’t handle the communication with the embassy for you, as the embassy requires to communicate with applicants directly. We will let you know what exactly is needed once we figured out your individual application process.


Once we applied it usually takes until June/July for the universities to get a final result, in some cases the result will even be released as late as August. The universities need to confirm which scholarship can be granted in coordination with the Chinese government. Therefore it is not possible to speed up this process, so patience is an important factor as well!

Get started!

This can be your big chance on a scholarship so make sure to follow the steps above very carefully. To summarize it briefly:

  1. Check if you are eligible for our service: You are eligible if the GPA of your latest education is above 3.3 on a 4-point scale (or 80 on a 100 point scale), lower scores are acceptable if your university has a high world ranking.
  2. Apply: Go through our database here and choose up to three programs that you want to apply for. Strictly follow the application instructions here and make sure to provide all needed documents. Once you are done send an email to with your application reference number and let us know that you want to apply on the basis of a scholarship.
  3. Pay the application fee: Once we confirmed that you are eligible for this service, we will let you know the exact amount to be paid. The payment instructions are here.

Let us help you make your dreams come true.

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  1. thanks , That information is really helpful amd I feel happy about you give the opportunity to know more about this scholarship, that’s for to spend your time sharing that important information!!

    1. Hi Uyaat, great to hear! Just follow the instructions of this article. We are looking forward to review your application 😉

    1. Hi Nanfuma,

      we are happy to help! Have you already started applying? Let us know if you need us to review your application by sending us an email with your application ID to apply@china-admissions

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      it may be possible if your university/school has a good reputation.

      You can just start an online application to any program that seems interesting to you here. Once you finished your application you can send an email to and tell us that you want to apply based on scholarship, please let us know your application reference number as well. We will then check what scholarship you may be eligible for

    1. Hi Kiryowa,

      you can check here, scholarship opportunities: //

    1. No, CGS is only for September intake. There may be some other scholarships for March such as University scholarships

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for contacting China Admissions,

      Please can you let me know:

      – Preferred Program/major & degree :
      – Your budget :
      – When you would like to start : March or September intake 2019 ?

      Please go ahead and register on our website: and let me know your application ID so I can check
      Click here to search for your program and check more information about the desired program(s) : to start your application

      Please complete the form below to register for free advice on studying in China.
      Click here : //

      For March 2019 Intake

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