NEWS! Shantou University Medical College Launches New Nursing Program for September 2019 Intake

Shantou University Medical College has just introduced a new nursing program that is to start in September 2019. The medical program is aimed at helping nursing students get the required knowledge and skill needed in the medical industry. The new nursing program has been certified by the Misnistry of Education and is available in both Chinese and English. You can choose to do the course in the language you are most proficient in.

Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) is one of the accredited universities in China to offer medical programs in both Chinese and English. The university has a good reputation for high quality education and state-of-art facilities that are at par with modern technology. Apart from the Clinical Medicine program offered at the university, the educational facility also offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Objective of the New Nursing Program

What is the purpose of introducing a new nursing program? According to SUMC, the main objective of the program is “…to prepare competent beginning practitioners with a strong knowledge base in nursing science and the ability to make sound clinical judgment.”

New Nursing Program Curriculum

The curriculum for the nursing program focuses on medical knowledge as well as ethics and practical clinical skills. It is divided into 4 parts which include:

  • Public Basic Courses

This part of the curriculum focuses on medical language. English, Medical English and Medical Chemistry are taught in the first part of the program. Sports is also included in the first part of the curriculum.

  • Basic Medical Course

This part of the curriculum consists of units such as medical statistics, biochemistry, pharmacology and medical scientific reasoning among others. Its aim is to impart basic medical knowledge to students.

  • Nursing Humanistic Courses

It consists of units such as nursing career planning, heart, nursing psychology, mental health for college students and communication skills among others.

  • Nursing Specialized Courses

It consists of various units including pediatric nursing, emergency nursing, comprehensive nursing training, health assessment and psychiatric nursing among others.

How You Will Benefit from the New Program?
1. World Class Education

The medical instruction you receive at SUMC is world class and it is just as good as medical programs in America and other countries in Europe. The curriculum developed shows evidence of this. The faculty is made up of American, Philippine and Irish staff.

To expose the students much further, guests from all over the world are invited from time to conduct international conferences. Experts from Hong Kong, U.S and Taiwan usually get a platform to instruct and share their ideas and findings on any research they may have conducted.

2. State of the Art Facilities

At Shantou University Medical College, you will get the opportunity to develop and improve your clinical skills. The facility has a clinical simulation and learning center which resembles a modern hospital. In this facility, the set is exactly like that of a modern hospital, thus creating the illusions of being in real hospital environment.

When you are exposed to such medical equipment that use modern technology, it will be easy for you to use medical equipment in hospitals once you start your internship.

3. Diversified Thinking

Apart from imparting medical knowledge to you and helping you develop clinical skills, the nursing program also helps you be creative. In what way? One way is by exposing students to international medical experts. During international conferences, medical experts from U.S, Taiwan and Hong Kong are invited to speak on various medical topics. Hearing from experts from different parts of the world who conduct things differently from each other can broaden your thinking and help you find new and creative methods of treatment, research or theories.

Having classmates from different parts of the world also helps you think outside the box. Each person does things differently based on the country they come from. Getting to learn more about this from your classmates can broaden your thinking, helping you to come up with new and effective ways to handle medical issues.

Why Study Nursing at Shantou University Medical College?

True, there are many universities that offer medical training. Why should you choose SUMC?

Course Approval

The nursing program at SUMC has been approved by the Ministry of Education in China. The Ministry of Education in China is very strict on the quality of education offered. Educational institutions should meet various requirements before approval of any courses. The fact that SUMC was approved shows they have the appropriate facilities and the nursing program meets the industry standards.

National Recognition

Due to the amazing advancement made by the nursing department at SUMC, the previous nursing course was ranked among the most prestigious shared courses in the province of Guangdong. The university also received the “Integrated Pilot Program for Innovation” award in 2014. If the nursing program was not good or unique from others, then it would not have received such recognition.

High Graduation Rate

If you work hard and take advantage of the excellent facilities in the university, you will have great opportunities in the medical industry after passing your license exam.

Entry Requirements
  • You must not be a Chinese national
  • You must be between 18 and 30 years
  • You must have graduated from high school
  • You must have passed English, Mathematics and Chemistry while in high school
  • You must not have criminal record
  • You must be physically and mentally healthy

There is only one intake per year. The application closes in mid-July of every year. The course commences on September of every year.

Studying in China

You may have some doubts about whether you should study in China or not even though the medical programs are good. China has hosted many international students. Steve Atkinson is one of those students. How does he feel about studied in China? He says, “Life was brilliant, the locals were easygoing, sociable and wanted to know more about any foreigners they met. Food was great, life was good, lots of freedom. You could really get a feel of China being on the rise, rapidly developing with good socialist governance for the better of all of society.

Take the first step towards your medical goals by applying at SUMC today. It will be a great privilege to be among the first people to be enrolled in the program. If you need more information or advice, kindly register your interest below and we will get back to you.

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  1. Good day I’m a lady of 39 years old willing to study nursing at your university are you gonna accept me according to my age. Thank for your cooperation waiting to hear from you soon r

    1. The age limit to study Bachelor degree program in China is 25-30 years old, mostly is 25 years old.
      Since you are older than that, it may not be possible for you to study in China because of the age limit.

      Chinese universities are quite strict in terms of age requirements.

      It’s still possible for you to apply for Master’s (if you have Bachelor degree) and non-degree programs in China (there are short term medical program).

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