Is it Worth Studying MBBS in China?

China is among of the fastest developing countries in the world. With the rapid developments happening in China, the economical, academic and technological systems are also rapidly catching up with countries such as U.S, Canada and others. What makes studying in China worth your time, effort and money?

China Is Beautiful

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Aside from the educational bit, China is a place to have fun and visit famous tourist attractions. It has many beautiful destinations all over the country from the northern part all the way to the southern part such as the Great Wall of China in Beijing,The Bund in Shangai, The Li River in Guilin which is China’s most celebrated scenery in China.

Kashgar is one of the amazing cities that is known for its diverse culture a variety of foods. Harbin, a city in northern China, is famous for its ice festivals that take place annually. It is definitely a destination you must visit at least once in your life. All these amazing destinations as well as others will prevent you from experiencing boredom.

World Class Programs

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The MBBS program as well as other programs offered in China are world class. Universities such as Shantou University Medical College, Fudan University and Zhejian University among many others. If you graduate with an MBBS from China, you can practice medicine in most parts of the world. Your 5 or 6 years of education will not go down the drain. Besides, you get to learn traditional Chinese medicine which is valued in some parts of the world.

Best Place to Learn Chinese

With China rising up in the trading industry, more people are learning Chinese for business purposes. There is no better place to learn Chinese other than in China. You will learn the pure language and you will learn and understand much faster since you will be conversing with the locals too.

Chinese culture is quite interesting and unique. Once you get to China, you will see and even participate in some of the annual festivals.

Advanced Medical Facilities

China being a developed country, has medical systems which are very advanced. China is known for being highly reputed in the world for being at the fore front in the field of modern medicine. Advanced Medical equipment such as Anesthesia vaporizers, AED’s and many more are easily found in China because of their worldwide interactions with developed countries giving them room to always make medical advancements with time.


China treasures international students and they are very welcome in the country. In fact, to attract more foreign students to study in the local universities, various types of scholarships are offered. You may be surprised that you meet the qualifications to get a scholarship to the MBBS program you want to study.

Scholarships offered to international students differ. Some are offered by the government while others are offered by private institutions. Some are full scholarships while others are partial. An example of a university offering scholarships is Xuzhou Medical University.


China has many low cost universities offering MBBS which creates large opportunities for many students to apply both locally and internationally. Studying in China is 70% cheaper than pursuing a similar course in the U.S or in Europe. The tuition fee for an MBBS program for international students can cost between RMB 30,000 to RMB 50,000. The Ministry of Public Health of The Chinese Government subsidized the tuition prices making the tuition fees expansively reasonable and affordable compared to studying in some of the countries that offer high quality education.

However, each school has a limit of admission of MBBS students which is about 100 students per University. Fortunately, China having a numerous number of universities, over 2000, provides an equal opportunity for admission of students whether local or international.

The cost of living in China is low making it very easy for both locals and foreigners to cater for their day to day needs. There is a wide variety of food and housing thus catering to different budgets.

Life in China

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Moving away from home to another country can be quite challenging. You may wonder whether you will really adjust and whether you will find good friends. Many people have felt that way before moving to China. What did they experience?

Peng Peng Zheng, a student from Singapore, was a student at Wuhan University. She always felt the warmth of the Chinese people and felt welcome in the country. They were interested in her and wanted to know more about her and her country. She was so impressed with how she was treated by the friendly Chinese people that she treated her whole class to dinner.

Just like Peng, you can also enjoy association with the friendly Chinese people as well as other international students during your stay in China. Getting such exposure broadens your mind in so many aspects and it helps you know how to deal with people of different cultures.

Another experience is Mutegeki Samson, a student from Uganda who attended Beihang University. He mentions that he couldn’t purchase a phone when he first came to China because he could hardly understand the language. Fortunately, he had Chines roommates who were able to help him browse through one to his liking and purchase a new phone.

Of course, life may not be easy depending on where you come from. What are some of the challenges you are likely to face as an international student?

  • Culture Shock

Difference in Social mannerisms may be a bit hard to adjust and adapt to. This may make you feel homesick. The best way to get over culture shock may be to fully immerse yourself into the culture so as to adapt to it as fast as possible.

  • Time Zone

Being in a different time zone from your home country can cause some discomfort. You may be unable to speak to your friends and family whenever you want because they are at work or asleep when you are free and vice versa.

Get out of your comfort zone and explore China in many different ways. You can apply for an MBBS program at any of their universities. If you are not sure where to go and want advice on the best institutions to visit, kindly register your interest and we will get back to you.

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