What is the secret to learning Chinese?

Dear Students

I hope things are well with you and you are keeping safe and healthy,

As you already know, most universities in China postponed the classes for Spring intake.

I have been using this as an opportunity to study Chinese. I took my HSK 5 last month and preparing for my HSK 6 now.

I have tried many ways to learn Chinese since starting almost 10 years ago. I studied University of Exeter in UK, in Peking University, BLCU, and took a lot of online courses and apps. I have had some incredible teachers.

I don’t think there is a ‘secret‘ way to learn Chinese. If you are looking for a shortcut then I think you are going to fail, and end up wasting time. Whether you like it or not, in order to become proficient in Chinese, it just needs hard work! It just needs continued time and effort over a period of time. Practice practice practice!

Above is a photo of me with my first Chinese teacher. Dr. Li, from Exeter University. He recently came to visit me in Beijing and we went on a trip to the great wall. Afterwards we had Beijing roast duck. It’s thanks to Dr Li and the hard work from other great teachers at PKU, BLCU and a number of private tutors that I was able to learn Chinese, and understand this beautiful language and culture and have the amazing opportunities that I have now.

Its definitely easier to learn with a great teacher, and its definitely helpful to have a consistent schedule to stick to.

I wanted to drop you a note about some online Chinese classes that are available now which might be helpful for you. Because of the coronavirus situation in China most of the universities have taken the classes online. There are opportunities for free trial classes to try them before buying classes.

Tianjin International Culture College have launched group classes which launch next Monday. The group classes work out from $3.5 USD per class, and you can get a one month package from $75 USD. You can sign up and try a free trial class this Friday //china-admissions.com/blog/online-chinese-hsk-program-ticc/.

The classes will start next week on Monday so there is limited time to sign up.

Beijing Language and Culture University have 1 on 1 classes. Its a little more expensive from 120 RMB per class, but the course is personalised for you. Its pretty cool that according to the system you can get from 0 to the HSK 5 in 370 hours, and 31 weeks. http://www.blcuchinese.com/online/levels/ You can apply for the free trial class here http://www.blcuchinese.com/online/. 

With both of these you can get the official certificate which you can use when applying for a job, or scholarship.

You can register for TICC here //china-admissions.com/blog/online-chinese-hsk-program-ticc/

and for BLCC here: http://www.blcuchinese.com/online/

Wish you the best, and let me know if you have any questions / how you get on.


Richard Coward

China Admissions

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